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An alloy made of nickel and other elements is called nickel alloy. Nickel has good mechanical, physical and chemical properties. Adding appropriate elements can improve its oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature strength and some physical properties. Nickel alloys can be used as materials for electronic tubes, precision alloys (magnetic alloys, precision resistance alloys, electrothermal alloys, etc.), nickel base superalloys, nickel base corrosion resistant alloys and shape memory alloys. Nickel alloys are widely used in energy development, chemical industry, electronics, navigation, aviation and aerospace.
Nickel base alloy is a kind of alloy with high strength, oxidation and corrosion resistance at 650 ~ 1000 ℃. According to the main properties, it is subdivided into nickel base heat resistant alloy, nickel base alloy, nickel base alloy, nickel base precision alloy and nickel base shape memory alloy. According to the different matrix, superalloys are divided into iron-based superalloys, nickel based superalloys and cobalt based superalloys. Nickel base superalloy is called nickel base alloy for short.
Nickel alloy is widely used in desulfurization industry. The main reason is that it has strong acid resistance and strong corrosion resistance to halogen ions. The corrosion resistance of various nickel alloy materials varies with the content of alloy elements.
Since World War II, "superalloy" has been used to describe a group of alloys developed in turbochargers and aircraft turbine engines, which need performance at high temperatures. The application of superalloys has been extended to many other fields, including aircraft and land-based gas turbines, rocket engines, chemical and petroleum plants. They are suitable for these demanding applications. Alloys are based on VIIIB group elements and are usually composed of various combinations of Fe, Ni, CO and Cr and small amounts of W, Mo, Ta, Ti and al. The three main alloys are nickel, iron and cobalt based alloys. Next, xincoral Xiaobian will share with you the development of nickel base alloy.
Basic information of construction project name, site selection and route selection, construction content, etc
Annex 1: public comments on environmental impact assessment of construction projects
current location:
Annex 1: public comments on environmental impact assessment of construction projects

Annex 1: public comments on environmental impact assessment of construction projects

Entry name New project of 10000 t / a high performance superalloy automatic production line of Jiangsu brother Alloy Co., Ltd

一、This page is for public comments

Suggestions and opinions related to environmental impact and environmental protection measures of the project and the environmental impact and environmental protection measures of the project

(Note: according to the measures for public participation in environmental impact assessment, opinions or demands related to land acquisition, demolition, employment, property and employment related to the EIA are not included in the EIA of the project)

1. Are you satisfied with the current situation of environmental quality?

a. Very satisfied B. quite satisfied C. not satisfied

2. Do you know or understand the construction of the project?

a. Don't understand B. know a little C. very clear

3. Do you think the project can promote local economic development?

a. B. yes C. not clear

4. According to your knowledge, what do you think is the harm / impact of the project on environmental quality?

a. Serious B. large C. general D. small E. unclear

5. What do you think are the main environmental impacts of the project on nearby areas during the operation period (multiple choices are allowed):

a. Impact of wastewater discharge on water environment B. impact of waste gas discharge on atmospheric environment

c. Impact of generated solid waste on surrounding environment D. others

6. In your opinion, the most important problems to be solved in environmental protection of the project are:

a. Increase pollution control measures B. adopt advanced technology C. improve management D. others

7. During the construction of the project, you are most concerned about:

a. Environmental protection in this area B. quality of life of surrounding residents

c. Other questions (please specify what questions)

8. Your general attitude towards the construction of the project is:

a. Support

b. Conditionally supported (if this option is selected, please select the support condition)

① Implementation of environmental protection measures ② protection of surrounding environment ③ other management requirements: (please specify)

c. Objection (if this option is selected, please state the reasons for objection)

① Affected landscape, environmental pollution and decline in quality of life ② feeling and psychological discomfort

③ No reason is to oppose ④ others (specify):

9. What are your suggestions and requirements for environmental protection of the project?

(please do not involve state secrets, trade secrets, personal privacy, etc. when filling in this content. If this page is not

(attach another page)

二、This page is for public information

(一)If the public is a citizen, please fill in the following information


ID number


Effective contact information

(phone number or email address)

Habitual residence address XX Village (neighborhood committee) XX villager group (community) XX Village (town, street) XX township (District, city), XX County, XX City, XX Province

Whether to agree to disclose personal information

(fill in consent or disagree)



(if it is not filled in, it means that it does not agree to be made public by default)

(2) If the public is a legal person or other organization, please fill in the following information
Unit name  
Industrial and commercial registration number or unified social credit code  

Effective contact information

(phone number or email address)

address XX Road, XX township (town, street), XX county (District, city), XX City, XX Province
Note: the information of legal persons or other organizations can be disclosed in principle. If it involves information that cannot be disclosed, please indicate the legal basis and specific information that cannot be disclosed in this column.

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