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Special iron soldering aluminum foil for electric ceramic furnace

At present, the kitchen electrical appliances commonly used by people are mainly electromagnetic furnace and traditional light wave furnace; Induction cooker can not use small fire for continuous heating, and will produce electromagnetic waves harmful to human body, which is harmful to human body and health. The heat of traditional light wave furnace can not be heated quickly. You can't stir fry, and it's a waste of energy. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the existing kitchen utensils, a new kitchen utensil product - high-grade electric ceramic stove has been developed at home and abroad. As an enterprise specializing in the development of electrothermal alloy, our company designs this kind of electric ceramic furnace. A new type of Fe Cr Al foil is developed, which is specially used to make the heating elements of electric ceramic furnace.


Electric heating alloy, constantan



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