Imported electric heating wire and domestic alloy wire cost performance


As we all know, the important thing to buy a thing is its cost performance. It is not that the cheaper it is, the better, nor the more expensive it is, the more suitable it is. When choosing a product, it is necessary to analyze its cost performance, and the price is appropriate and the quality is excellent.

In terms of heating wire, how can we find the right product and its cost performance?

My company engineers and Shanghai Heat Treatment Association and many members, analysis of the following conclusions, for your reference:

People who know the heating wire know that the heating wire is generally divided into two grades: iron-chromium-aluminum series and nickel-chromium series.

Iron-chromium-aluminum is divided into 0 cr25AL5,0 cr21Al6Nb,0Cr27Al7Mo2 nickel-chromium: Cr20Ni80 , Cr15Ni60 ,Cr20Ni35, Cr25Ni20

Then how to select different grades of heating wire according to different uses?

If the purchaser is a mechanical equipment factory, a packaging machine, a sealing machine, a packaging machine and other manufacturers that do not require a temperature of about 200-300 degrees, it is recommended to use 0cr20Ni80 brand nickel chromium wire. The nickel chromium wire has good weldability, is soft and not easy to embrittle, and uses flat belt, because the load power per square meter of flat belt is larger than round wire, the width is high, and the loss rate is smaller than round wire.