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Company profile

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Jiangsu Brother Alloy Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, it is a specialized enterprise which produces high resistance electric alloy wire. It is locaed in Lvcheng TownDanyang City Jiangsu Province. It has convenient geographic location and traffic. Bythe side of G312 National Road, Shanghai-Nanjing highspeed railway and highway,only 5 KM to Changzhou Internatinal Airport and 2 hours to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.
The registered capital of the company is about 10 million RMB, covering anarea of 33,000 square meters, a modern standard workshop of 35,000 squaremeters, more than 300 employees, the products have been exported to 52 countries.
Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development,manufacture and sale of high resistance electric alloy materials. The whole production process of electric alloy material smelting, drawing, flattening, heat treatmentand so on. To meet all kinds of specifications and grades of iron chromium aluminum wire (belt), nickel chromium alloy wire (belt), ultra high temperature alloy wire(belt), industrial bar, automobile exhaust purifier special foil, and other alloy materialproduction. Our products are widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, heating components, boilers, automobiles and household appliances etc.
Credit AAA enterprise, over the years, through its own unremitting efforts, toobtain a number of countries, provincial honor, High and new technology enterprise,Jiangsu Engineering Technology Center, Contracts and keep promise enterprise,Small and mediumsized enterprise management demonstration unit in jiangsuprovince honorary title. The company has 7 utility model patents and 1 invention patent.
Our company takes the customers as the focus, continuously satisfies and exceeds the customers expectation is the goaI of Brother Alloy people. We are follow-ing the example of the quality of electric alloy products produced by the SwedenKanthal, and is always committed to the quality management of the products, andregards the product quality as the vitality of the enterprise. We constantly introducethe domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipments and assay / testingequipments (instruments) to provide guarantee for producing high quality products,as well as independent research and develop ultra high temperature, long life, elec-tric resistance wire / belt, to meet the diverse requirement of the market for electric products.
During 1997-2003, our company has established offices in Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Shunde and Yuyao , providing alround services for customers.
We adhere to the "Professional products, Standardization of management, International business, Perpetual innovation", and strictly enforce the ISO90O1 quality management system, and pass SGS ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.
Looking forward to the future, Brother Alloy company will continue to upholdthe ". High Quality , Value added, Technology innovation, Considerate service" asthe core idea, create value for customers, provide the welfare for employees, promote the enterprise development and make contributions to society.

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